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WiFi Driver

My Wi-Fi driver for an HP Envy laptop using Windows 11 suddenly stopped working. This is the same thing that has happened once before. Then, the driver has to be reinstalled. Why does this happen?
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There are a few reasons why your HP Envy laptop's Wi-Fi driver might suddenly stop working and require reinstallation on Windows 11:

  • Windows Updates: Sometimes, Windows updates can introduce compatibility issues with existing drivers, including Wi-Fi drivers. This could be due to changes in how Windows interacts with the driver or bugs in the update itself.
  • Corrupted Driver Files: Over time, driver files can become corrupted due to various reasons like malware, sudden shutdowns, or disk errors. Corrupted files can prevent the driver from functioning correctly.
  • Conflicting Software: Certain software, especially VPNs or security programs, can interfere with Wi-Fi drivers. If you recently installed any new software before the issue arose, it might be worth temporarily disabling it to see if the problem persists.

Since this has happened twice, it might be helpful to narrow down the cause:

  • Check for Recent Updates: See if you recently installed a Windows update before the Wi-Fi driver issue occurred. If so, you might need to wait for a fix from Microsoft or consider temporarily rolling back the update (if possible) to see if it resolves the problem.
  • HP Driver Support: Visit HP's website and see if there are any updated Wi-Fi drivers specifically designed for your HP Envy laptop model and Windows 11 compatibility. Downloading and installing the latest driver might resolve compatibility issues.
  • Consider Conflicting Software: Think back to any software installations or changes made before the Wi-Fi issue reappeared. Try temporarily disabling any recently installed programs, especially VPNs or security software, to see if it makes a difference.