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change processor t5300 of my laptop

first i apologies because i don't speak english very well.
I want to change my intel t5300 533MHz FSB processoron laptop but i chek on web site, no-one has the same FSB. all have a greater FBS. I wonder if my motherboard can support a processor with a bigger frequency?
my config:
the dreamed processors: t7600
compare it:
thanks ;)
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hello pwaves13,
I looked at the config on
It looks like it is an HP system (assuming that a Hewlett Packard bios would only be used on an HP system).
Have you tried contacting the system manufacturer and asking them if the system can be upgraded?
The system manufacturer should know what chips are compatible with their system.
Succesfully upgrading the processor can depend on many things, the current cpu, the bios, the motherboard, and other restrictions.
I would try checking with the system builderand see if they havea list of upgrade-ableCPUs(if any).
Otherwise I would contact the motherboard manufacturer and see what chips are compatible with the motherboard. Even then, it may require another bios upgrade to use the new chip.
Sorry to not be more help,
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