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4965AGN and channel 13

We use an enterprise wireless network (Trapeze) with multiple accesspoints. The ap's use channels 1, 5, 9 and 13 a are placed in order so they don't cause channeloverlapping (AP1: ch5, AP2: ch13, AP3: ch1, AP4: ch9, etc etc).

We started using the intel 4965AGN adapaters in our (thin)clients. Although their performance is good and roaming works very well, they refuse to work with channel 13.

Our company is located in Europe so it's valid to use channels 1-13. The AP's do work on channel 13, some other adapters function well.

The thinclients are based on Windows XP Embedded SP3, driver is the latetst version from the intel website. Language on the thinclient is English, but al regional settings are dutch/netherlands.Also we've checked the driversettings and registry, but couldn't find an option to change the supported channels or region.

Is anyone known with this problem and had a solution for this?

Changing channels on the AP's isn't an option.


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Community Manager

4965 adapter does support channel 13 on certain versions only based on the geo. From your message it seems that the adapter version you have is the one that has channel 13 disabled. If you can open up your platform and read the front sticker on the wireless card and write back, I will confirm if you have the right version.

Btwn, channels 1,5,9 are still overlapping. the only non overlapping channels in the 2.4Ghz spectrum are 1,6,11. Just FYI.