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Adding Intel 1000 BGN to Vista 32 Fail

Pulled a working Intel 1000 out of a new HP laptop and trying to get working in an older HP DV6607NR but none of the Intel driver software is working.

This is a fresh install of Vista completely updated, BIOS has had whitelist removed, getting through POST and into Vista just fine. No anti-virus. When I try to run ICS_Dv32.exe or ICS_v32.exe system crashes. Upon restart I can see card in device manager but get a driver code 39 (Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing).

I got a copy of NETw5x32.sys and tried to load it with the windows automatic driver program but it would not recognize the file.

I deleted the network registry key and tried to run the Intel software again...just said registry key not found.

I installed sp41263.exe (Intel PRO/Wirelss drivers) from HP for this PC model but older Intel card....nothing, Device Manager doesn't even recognize the card.

Intel 1000 was working just fine in Win7 64 system before pull and this HP had an older BG Broadcomm working fine so I don't think it's hardware. Will this Intel 1000 ever work in this Vista 32 laptop?

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