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After installing the 22.40 driver, there was no AX mode support for the AX200 network card in Russia

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After installing the 22.40 driver, there was no AX mode support for the AX200 laptop network card in Russia. For the AX210 card, the AX mode worked fine. But the AX200 adapters only connects to the routers in AC mode and below - Exactly the same as with the previous drivers. 

There is no new BIOS for a laptop with AX support and is not expected. There are no options to enable WiFi6 in a laptop and will never be. I upgraded it myself by installing the AX200. Many older laptop users do the same. But the AX mode still doesn't work in them.

Give the opportunity to enable AX mode for AX200 cards used in Russia!

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I have AX200 and v22.40.0.7, unfortunately I don't have any AX router (yet) to test AX function/band, but I can tell you the AC still works perfectly fine.

I would recommend to downgrade to v22.30.0.11 driver:

Until it gets fully fixed.

Stay safe,

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Thanks, my friend, but you do not know the whole history of the issue. Ax mode was blocked due to regulatory restrictions in Intel drivers for Russia. They only unlocked it in driver 22.40. But only unlocked for the AX210. The AX200 card still cannot be started in AX mode as it requires the "Wifi6" option in the laptop BIOS. But it does not and cannot be - the BIOS in old laptops is not updated.


Therefore, it is imperative to be able to enable AX mode without the involvement of the laptop BIOS.


I confirm the existing problem with 802.11ax support on cards with AX200 in Russia on all the drivers.

I have AX 200 at PCE port, so very is no any Wi-Fi 6 button in BIOS of my PC.

Intel must turn on AX mode for AX200 cards used in Russia!

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Hello!!! Intel!!!

The AX200 card cannot connect to the router in AX mode, not due to laptop limitations, but due to the Intel LAR system uncorrect restrictions.

I have multiple routers with DE region. I don't usually use them.

But if I turn all of them on, the Intel LAR system "thinks" that I am not in Russia, but in Germany, and the AX mode starts working normally even in the AX200!

On the same old laptop.


That is, the BIOS or hardware of the laptop does not limit the operation of AX and WiFi6 in any way.

In a different region, it would work in AX mode just fine.

But when the Intel LAR system "sees" many routers with the RU region around me, it still blocks the AX mode.

There are no such problems with the AX210. It turns on AX even if it detects that it is in the RU region.

Thus, these are not limitations of the laptop BIOS. This is not correct operation of Intel LAR in AX200.

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Intel, please read!


The problem is related to the operation of the Intel LAR system!!!

The laptop (in which the AX200 is installed) is periodically connected in AX mode.

That is, WiFi6 works on it!

There are no restrictions on the operation of WiFi6 from the laptop side.

Laptop BIOS and his hardware allow the AX200 adapter to sometimes connect in AX mode.

I regularly observe the connection in WiFi6 mode.

On this laptop with an old BIOS.

Wifi6 already works on it sometimes.

But, sometimes!...

The problem is related to the operation of the Intel LAR system.

My neighbors have many routers broadcasting the RU region.

Intel LAR fixes this region and blocks AX mode from being enabled.

But if I turn on a few more of my routers, that broadcast the DE region (or neighbors RU-routers turned off), then the Intel LAR system allows AX200 to turn on the AX mode and I get a Wifi6 connection!

I already get it, but not always, and for that I have to put in extra effort.

WiFi6 mode works on this laptop. But it doesn't automatically turn on due to Intel LAR (because RU-neighbors).

This is extremely inconvenient.

Intel LAR on this adapter still refuses to automatically enable WiFi6 for RU region.

And this at a time, when WiFi6 has long been certified and allowed for Russia!

For the DE region, it allows WiFi6, and it works for me!

RU = no WiFi6

DE = yes WiFi6

The same laptop!

Already working!  

But working only in cases, where Intel LAR observes the environment with the DE.

WiFi6  Not disabled in laptop!

WiFi6 disabled only in those cases, when Intel LAR "sees" the RU region.

I already have the 22.40 driver installed.


It seems to me this is still too unclear for highly educated Intel engineers:)))

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Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities. 


Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) was not allowed in Russia until recently. To resolve this problem, you have to:

  • Update the wireless drivers to the latest version.
  • Update the BIOS to the latest version.
  • Enable Wi-Fi 6 in the BIOS settings

If you can't find a new BIOS update file, the correct BIOS settings or OEM customized drivers (for testing), you need to contact the laptop manufacturer to get a new BIOS and verify if this will be possible in their system. They are responsible for the hardware limitations, BIOS and other firmware updates. If they confirm that this is not supported or it won't be possible, you'll have to follow their recommendations.

For more information, please check the article: Russia Wi-Fi 6 Update Timelines and Instructions

Please keep in mind that this thread is no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your understanding.


David G 

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Have you read the text above? No, you haven't. You just use answers from your answer list to send a clients to hell not trying to help them.

The problem is in Intel driver, not in BIOS.

My AX200 is not the part of motherboard.

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 I'm talking specifically about the incorrect operation of Intel® Dynamic Regulatory Solution / Location Aware Regulatory (Intel LAR/DRS) at AX200 adapter.

If DRS determines the DE region, it activates Wifi 6.

If it defines the RU region, it does not activate the wifi 6!

But for Russia, Wifi 6 is allowed in the same way as for Germany!

All this happens on the same laptop.


There are no restrictions on the BIOS of the my laptop to turn on Wifi 6. In the case of the DE region, WIFI 6 turns on always. On the same laptop.

That is, this laptop does not need to turn on anything in the BIOS. It is enough for the DRS to see the "correct" region.

If there were problems in BIOS, then Wifi 6 would not function for the DE region too.

But in the case of the DE region, everything works fine on the same laptop.


DRS still believes that the RU region is “non-correct”.

That is, I see wifi 6 on laptop, only if LAR/DRS defines the DE region.

In the case of the region DE, WIFI 6 works for this laptop!


But if the DRS determines the RU location, it prohibits WIFI6!

And this is wrong! WIFI6 in Russia has long been allowed!

But DRS must activate WIFI6 in the same way for DE and RU.

I believe that this is incorrect work of the DRS and this failure should be fixed.



I have a second laptop, with a self-installed adapter AX210.

The DRS feature works correctly on AX210. (after installing the same driver 22.40)

Wifi 6 is activated for both DE location and RU location. Always!

On this adapter, DRS works correctly.




I really don't understand.

I have the same problem:

I bought a TP-Link Archer TX3000E wifi ax adapter with AX200 and yes, I live in Russia. 

I installed the adapter in my computer and even though it is not a laptop, but the latest Bios update is installed.

There are no WiFi6 settings in the bios.

I updated the WiFi driver to version 22.70, but that didn't help, I still can't use 802.11 AX.

I can also say that I've tried different drivers from 22.40 to 22.70, but I still can't connect with AX.

This is actually a horrible situation and I can't understand or justify the vendor's inaction in this situation in any way. It turns out that you are cheating your customers from Russia in the current conditions it is maximal AC adapter but not AX.
Perhaps in the future when choosing equipment you should consider more responsible and more loyal to their customers manufacturers.

However, I still hope, that your support in this matter will change this opinion.

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