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Bluetooth Driver Issue



I'm having an issue with my Bluetooth driver and was hoping someone could help with it. I'm using a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro which runs Windows 10 currently, but I had the same issue with Windows 8.1. The problem is that sometimes the driver stops working and therefore my Bluetooth stops working. The Bluetooth icon disappears completely in my settings, and when I go to the drivers, it tells me it has encountered a problem and stopped - I think it gave me an "Error 10" message. Sometimes if I leave it for long enough it'll start working again on its own. This time, I uninstalled the driver I currently had installed (version 17.1529.1613, which I believe is the latest Windows 10 driver) and installed instead version 17.1.1504.518 (I believe this is a Windows 8.1 driver). This seems to have fixed the problem for now, but as this is not the first time I've encountered this issue, I would love to know if there is a way to get this to stop happening. Thanks!

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Hello ward1412,

The driver version recommended depends on the model of Wireless adapter installed in your computer. Also, Windows* 10 should install an in-box driver from Microsoft* when you update the OS.

The driver 17.1.1529.1613 is actually the latest for Windows* 10 and the Intel® Wireless 3160 and 7260 families. If this version did not work well in your system, you might consider using the one you have for now, at least until a new Bluetooth* driver is released.

For further assistance, please let us know the following:

- Wireless Adapter model

- Was the adapter installed from factory in your system?

- Or, did you update the wireless adapter yourself?