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Bluetooth audio


I have not been able to connect any BT headphones to my laptop.  I have an Acer Nitro AN515-55 V2.06 with Windows 11 Home (x64) Version 22H2 (build 22623.891).  The headphones pair and connect but then it continues to switch between voice and connected and I cannot switch the output to the BT headphones.  It's kind of a hard problem to explain, so I've attached a short video that shows the error.  I hope there is a solution!  Not being able to connect BT headphones really sucks!


Thank you for any help.

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Vike, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In order for us to provide the most accurate assistance on this matter, we just wanted to confirm a few details about your system:

What is the model of the Intel® wireless card?

Is this a new computer?

Were you able to connect and properly use Bluetooth devices with this specific computer before?

When did the issue start?

Did you make any recent hardware/software changes that might cause this issue?

The wireless card, did you purchase it separately or did it come installed on the computer?

Does the problem happen at home or in the work environment?

Please attach the SSU report so we can verify further details about the components in your platform, check all the options in the report including the one that says "3rd party software logs":


Any questions, please let me know.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician


When I tried to send the report and my reply through the SSU software I got an error, so I am replying here.  I hope this is appropriate.


I have attached the SSU report as you requested.


The Intel® wireless card is the one that came with the laptop.  I believe the type of card will be in the report.


I purchased the laptop at the end of 2020.


I’ve been able to connect my phone to the laptop over Bluetooth.  That’s the only other Bluetooth device that I’ve ever tried to connect and I’ve never had an issue connecting the phone.


I’ve always had the issue.  I’ve purchased many other Bluetooth headphones thinking maybe they were the issue, but they weren’t.  I received a new pair for Christmas and figured it was about time to get this looked at by professionals.


I have made some hardware upgrades recently.  I installed another 8GB RAM and an additional SSD.  But I had the problem with the Bluetooth prior to those changes.


This laptop is used in a home environment only.


Thank you for the quick reply and I look forward to hearing from you again.


Geno Owings III




I've experienced a similar issue on two different laptops with two different Bluetooth headsets and found a setting that worked each time on Windows 10. 


The fix was to open Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers

Right-click on the problematic headset > select Control under Music and Audio

Uncheck Stereo Headphones in the Supported Audio Services drop-down 

Connect the device


I can see you are running Windows 11: I'm hoping the setting is under the three dots in the upper-right corner of your device. I've attached a screenshot to show what it looks like on Windows 10.


If that doesn't do it, the instructions below are a good place to start.


Best of luck!


Matt C


Thank you for your help with this!  What you told me to do did not fix the issue, but it lead me to the fix!  No one else had even gotten me close!  Again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!


The actual fix was so convoluted and involved that it is going to take me a little while to write it up and explain it just in case anyone else has the issue, but I will be working on it right away.


Thanks again,

Vike (Geno)


Vike, Thak you very much for providing that information and the SSU report.

Accroding to the information shown in the SSU document, the Bluetooth driver version currently installed on your computer is provided by Intel®:


It is important to mention that it is always recommended to install the wireless driver provided by the manufacturer of the computer, since that driver was heavily customized by them to work with your specific platform.

I looked on Acer's website and the latest Bluetooth driver version they have available is Please try a clean installation of that driver following the instructions in the links below:



We also recommend to get in contact directly with Acer Support to make sure the latest BIOS version is currently installed in your machine or, if necessary, to gather the instructions on how to update it:


Once you get the chance, please let us know the results.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello Vike, I just wanted to check if the information posted previously was useful for you and if you need further assistance on this matter?


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician