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Bluetooth device keeps 'unplugging' - Intel 7260 AC


intel 7260 ac

i5 3210M

intel HM75

Windows 7 x64

after uninstalling the intel proset 16.6.0 and restarting, my laptop finds and installs many bluetooth devices:

These devices then disappear, as though they're no longer connected. installing the latest proset driver getts me to this:disconnect

This fails and windows claims that the device has been unplugged, installing the intel bluetooth software 3.1.1309 does nothing. For the 2 mins that the bluetooth works before disappearing, i can connect to my iphone 3GS, the Wifi side of the 7260 ac works perfectly, the proset 16.6.0 are a big improvement over the last set

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What is the make and model of your laptop? Are there any bluetooth settings/options in the BIOS?

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T510 that can use a separate bluetooth module which I do not have. The 7260 bluetooth shares the mini-pci port with the wireless-N. Windows 7 enumerates the Intel 7260, but I did not load the Intel driver so it shows up with a yellow exclamation point in the Device Manager. Nonetheless the Bluetooth works fine with the generic MS drivers. Now if only Samsung would make a proper driver for my Galaxy S4.

Try disabling or even uninstalling the Intel Bluetooth driver.



to answer your questions:

- there are no bluetooth BIOS options

- my laptop is 15.6" NP300E5C Series 3 Essential Notebook

- before i upgraded to the 7260 ac i had an atheros wifi/bluetooth combo card and the samsung control center did have an option to turn the bluetooth on and off, i uninstalled all related drivers before i upgraded, then with the 7260 ac there are no options to to turn the bluetooth off/on

- the intel bluetooth driver doesn't add anything to the device manager.

uninstalling the intel bluetooth driver and restarting does bring the bluetooth devices back back for a couple of minutes before disappearing again.

i hope this helps


We recommend contacting the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to determine which wireless adapters are approved to be used in your computer because the wireless hardware may not be compatible and because its installation and use is subject to regulatory approval.

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-011644.htm Intel� Wi-Fi Products; Regulatory information regarding hardware installation or upgrade

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-031167.htm Intel� Wi-Fi Products; Why doesn't my laptop recognize my new Intel� wireless adapter?


Same issue here with a brand new Dell Latitude E5540. I think this is an intel issue not a vendor issue. Tried the latest bluetooth driver from intel as well and it does the same thing. My bluetooth mouse works great for a couple minutes then stops working. Power off and restart laptop seems to get it back connected but stops working again in a few minutes. The mouse works great with an asus usb bluetooth adapter. Bios only has options to not disable bluetooth when toggling the wireless hardware switch.


Just to update this post

I have upgraded to win 8.1 from win 7 and now my bluetooth works much better

- it appears in the device manager

- it can be turn on and off easily

- the device and software remain even after a system restart

This is a massive improvement! I place the blame for the disappearing devices and Intel software removing all traces of the chip on samsung's 'easy settings' program: try totally removing it (like a full system upgrade would)

now for a new problem:

My iPhone 3GS pairs with the laptop, windows states that it is 'connected'. meanwhile the iphone is trying to connect (spinning bars) and after a while windows states that it is no longer connected 'no connection'. My iphone does appear in device manager under bluetooth devices. i'm using the latest intel bluetooth software


Thanks for the update. Unfortunately upgrading to Win 8 is not an option for the PC I'm working on. I have another PC with Win 8.1 and the way they implement bluetooth and wireless is much better as Microsoft now handles both rather than having to use various vendor software.