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Bluetooth is broken after driver update from Intel website



Bluetooth was working fine on Jan 4, 2019. Installed latest bluetooth driver from the Intel website via Intel Driver and Support Assistant. The install appears to work, but bluetooth is no longer available.


Windows Driver Manager shows the bluetooth deviceID as an "Unknown device". Reason is "the drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28)".


Attempted to reinstall the drivers via Intel Driver and Support Assistant. Also tried installing though Windows Device Manager. Both failed the reinstallation (ie bluetooth did not work after reinstallation).


It appears that the driver installer package for driver BT_20.120.2_64_Win10 is attempting to install the wrong driver for my network card. The README file for this package says that for package BT_20.120.2_64_Win10, and the Intel Wireless 7260_N card, driver version should be installed, BUT the installer tries to install instead. I confirmed this by re-running the install, the messagebox asks "Do I want to replace version by version". That's the driver version for the WRONG wireless card.


So either the README info or the message box from the installer is incorrect, OR its trying to install the wrong driver version.


I've enclosed two Detailed System Report files from Intel Driver and Support Assistant. The one dated 20190104 shows bluetooth just fine; the bluetooth driver is version 19.40.1702.1059. The one dated 20190313 shows no bluetooth, but the device ID is bluetooth device ID.


Could the driver installer package 20.120.2 be fixed? Thanks.

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You should use ONLY the drivers from Lenovo for your laptop. Go back to those drivers. If you still have the problem, then contact Lenovo support, as they are solely responsible for support of your laptop.




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