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Bug? "Intel Connection Settings" become inaccessible in Windows 8

Lenovo W510 with Intel AGN 6200 Centrino wireless adapter running Windows 8. The "Intel Connection Settings" are accessed by this sequence of clicks: Click wireless network icon it desktop system tray > right-click the wireless connection in use > click View Connection Properties > click Connection tab > check the Enable Intel Connection Settings box > click Configure button. The above is possible only if the wireless connection is active; that is connected. The problem is if one changes one of the Intel Connections Settings, e.g. selecting 5.2 ghz band when the hotspot supports only 2.4 ghz, the next connection attempt will naturally fail. Then, it is not possible to follow the above menu tree to get back to Intel Connection Settings and change the incorrect setting. Is there any alternative way to get to this menu? I could not discover it. I had to uninstall and reinstall the driver to get out of this predicament.

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Thank you for your post. This setting can be changed indeed only on an active connection; to change it back you would need to have an active connection once again, or as you did install a clean software and drivers. I have forwarded your recommendation though so it may be taken into consideration on a future release.


I just ran into same problem as Bob. By selecting only 5GHz on a card that doesn't support it via the Enable Intel Connection Settings and couldn't recover through the Windows 8.1 UI or Intel's. I had to go trough a Windows Recovery which corrected this.

I'm running latest drivers for Intel 7260-N adapter and PROSet software 16.0,8.

For average Joe user, this would be challenging.

Thoughts on fixing this Intel?


Is it possible to elaborate on this, perhaps with a screenshot? I am sorry; I do not seem to find where you are at.