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Can I Use Another Compatible Network Card


I have had no WiFi since last year concerning my network card and I replaced it, but the problem persists.

Now I have found out that my Network Card is no longer supported, so I was wondering if I could replace it with one that has the same form type?

The network card is a "Intel (R) Centrinio (R) Wireless-N 1000 and Driver".

Since I had this issue, I found that I have lost the WiFi in the menu of the "Network & Internet" interface of the status list in Windows Settings GUI, as shown in the picture am including in this post.

Could anyone direct me to what I could use instead please.

I was told that it may be possible Intel 7260NGW Dual-Band Wireless-AC Bluetooth 4.0 card M.2 NGFF 784645-005 may be supported and it looks like it has the same type form.

Please let me know.

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You can utilize any of the Intel wireless cards that say HMW. If they say NGW, this means that they are designed for the M.2 version of the socket, which you do not have. The only HMW card that is not discontinued is the 7265HMW.

All that said, what is the problem with your existing card? There are (albeit older) drivers that will support this card's usage with Windows 10.




Hi, May I call you Mr N

Thank you for replying to distress calls and allowing me to bring up this subject again.

I didn't get to offer a picture last time, where you will see I lost my WiFi status

(Note) I wrote "Form Type" when I meant "Form Factor".

You answered my first question on this subject in November last year and I did purchase two network cards, but only the N 1000 card turned up.

I've just kept on with my studies, using my mobile in a USB Tether Mode till I finished in July and even now that's how am writing to you on the same laptop. 

Am going to paste it here for you with little edites.

"In the past year I had upgraded many parts on my Dell XPS 702X, but lately I found that my device has been turning off its WiFi from my home, my girlfriends home ISP and in college.

Because of this I have been wondering whether to renew to the Intel 7260HMW Dual band wireless-AC 7260 867Mbps 802.11ac 4.0 Wifi BT Hot K2V0, if this is compatible, as I assume that a video states this is the directive that was given to me.

Considering what I have is the Wireless-N 1000 802.11 b/g/n 112BNHMW Half Mini PCI-E Intel Centrino Wifi Card, is it the best choice that I could make for my PC.".

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The 7260 is also discontinued. Stick with the 7265, which is still covered by the latest drivers.

Hello Mr N

Thank you, Nuff Blessing to you

I have just tried to find the 7265 and found that it is not available in a HMW.

I can only find the 7265 in a NGW and to make matters worse, the form factor is different in my laptop and would therefore not fit.

The 7260 HMW is available in vast quantities, so I presume, this is what I should be looking to purchase.

I have placed a picture in this post showing the difference of the form factor and the details of the models.

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Well, as I said, the 7260 is discontinued and the latest Wireless and Bluetooth drivers will not support it.

There are old drivers for this card available here: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/645991/intel-proset-wireless-software-and-drivers-f...