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Cannot connect via 802.11AC on an Intel 9560.


I've got a brand new computer. Its an Overpowered branded laptop model OP-LP2. It has an Intel 9560 card in this chassis. The chassis itself is based on a barebones chassis by TongFang model GK5CN6Z. My wireless router which I've never had any real issue with is a Linksys EA6700 running up to date stock firmware.


I noticed right away that I was connecting very slowly to my 5 GHz network. So I check my connection. My laptop says it is connected to 802.11a in task manager. I thought this couldn't be true. Its a visual glitch. Except I can't get much more then 25mbps over wireless.


So I thought I'd switch over to 2.4 GHz and see if I get something a bit better. All I get is 802.11g on 2.4 GHz. So I thought new computer, easy fix. Update everything. I completed all windows updates and then did the Intel DSA to make sure I had the most recent Intel drivers. I rebooted. I deleted both networks and added them back. Still connecting at 802.11a and 802.11g for 2.4 ghz.


I deleted my wireless drivers, after downloading the most recent installer package version I deleted the device in device manager and removed the existing driver as part of the clean install instructions. Cleared temp files using cleanmgr.exe. I then rebooted and reinstalled. No change. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Any suggestion? I've never had any problem connecting to Wifi on 802.11ac on this router. My phone will speedtest in the full 200mbps range that my Charter connection will deliver when on 5Ghz. I'm hoping to ascertain if this is a software or hardware malfunction and I'm willing to even clean install with the Microsoft Windows Media Tool Creater bootable usb if needed. Although my recent clean install with the october update built in resulted in other driver issues on another computer. I'm weary of doing a windows clean install right now which feels dumb. This laptop came with no bloatware, so I didn't even attempt a clean install of the OS where normally, its the first thing I do. I've put 2 image captures connecting to each network for reference.

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Just a thought: Are you running the latest available BIOS for this system? If not, I suggest that you upgrade the BIOS to the latest and test again.

Another thought: Have you asked your system manufacturer about this issue?


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I appreciate the input. Bios was the first thing I looked at. Forums indicated earlier bios had power management issues so the first thing I checked was to see if it shipped with the most recent bios N1.05. I have sent a support request to my laptop manufacturer and have not received a reply. Although it is a Saturday. Doubt I'll get a reply quickly.


Hey guys, it turned out to still be a router issue. Even though my other devices connect and operate fine on 802.11ac, it still seems to have been a bug in my router config. Any time I factory reset my access point, I was able to get 802.11ac. I had made a CFG backup file before resetting and when it came back up with my old settings, I was back down to 802.11a. So I know this sounds suspect and unbelievable, but I screenshot and replicated absolutely every config page from the wireless, to the dns settings, to my custom portforwards, static routes, and my DHCP reservations and I promise you I replicated them all exactly after factory resetting again and I'm still fixed and able to connect to 802.11ac. Moral of the story, fml.