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Centrino N-1030 not working after Windows 10 1909 upgrade

Hi I have just upgraded my HP Pavilion Dv6 to Windows 10 1909 and the wireless card which is a Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1030

  • Manufacturer
  • Intel Corporation
  • Availability


  • Installed
  • True
  • MA
  • Service Name
  • NETwNs64
  • Driver Provider
  • Intel
  • Driver Version
  • Driver Date
  • 4/30/2015
  • Device Id
  • PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_008B&SUBSYS_53158086&REV_34\4&9AB72CF&0&00E1
  • Revision
  • 34

However after the Windows upgrade I cannot turn on wireless either by the switch or in settings, all I get is the amber light staying on and not the white light.

Help and advice with this issue would be most helpful indeed.


Best Regards


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Super User Retired Employee

According to the compatibility chart (here:, this card is only support by the inbox driver. This means that the driver comes from an earlier Windows version (read: Windows 8/8.1). It also means that any attempt to upgrade the wireless drivers - such as will happen during a Windows 10 upgrade - could result in a non-working configuration (i.e. loss of the earlier driver).


You could try going into Device Manager and see if an attempt to install the latest driver (or a remove and then add) will coax it into putting back the original driver.


Hope this helps,