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Dell Laptop. Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 3165. Defective hardware?


Intel Support Community,

I have a Dell Laptop that is equipped with the M.2 form factor Intel AC 3165. I have been having latency issues and low download speed (75 - 255ms, 0.78 - 3.45 Mbps), upload is fine. I have a desktop with a Linksys brand USB wireless adapter and a latency of around 60ms, and a download speed of around 45 Mbps on 2G. Wireless network speed is 65 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload.

I have completed these troubleshooting steps:

1. Ran a Symantec Norton full system scan, no malware or viruses

2. Deleted browsing history and cookies

3. Restarted computer

4. Checked wireless network using multiple devices (desktop computer, Android mobile phones); 45-65 Mbps download and ~ 55ms latency (expected, 2G and 5G)

5. Switched from 2G to 5G

6. Updated drivers to, then restarted the computer

7. Reset the adapter in Device Manager (disable, then enable)

8. Used different internet browsers

9. Checked for background tasks or applications using bandwidth

10. Checked general properties, "This device is working properly."

Possible cause:

Power surge hit my house a couple of days prior to the network issues; no surge protector, and the laptop was plugged into wall power.

Are there any other troubleshooting steps I can try to determine the cause, or if I need to order a new adapter?


Matt L.

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Hello Matt,



We understand your adapter's performance has recently dropped and you're looking for additional troubleshooting to determine if it's a hardware issue.



We would like to take a look at the following information before suggesting any more troubleshooting:


  1. If you connect to a different wireless network, does the adapter perform poorly as well?
  2. Could you please share an Intel® System Support Utility report.
    1. Download the latest https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293 Intel® SSU
    2. While connected to your WiFi network, run the scan for "everything."
    3. Save and name the report.
  3. Also an interfaces output.
    1. Right click your start menu icon and select Command Prompt from the list.
    2. Enter: netsh wlan show interface
    3. Save a screenshot using the snipping tool (In the search box on the taskbar, type and open the Snipping Tool).

Best regards,


Carlos A.
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Hello mrl_00001100,



We haven't heard back from you in awhile. Let us know if you would like further assistance.



Best regards,


Carlos A.
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