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Does Wi-Fi 6 AX200 support 'Disable Upon Wired Connect'?


Hello.  I read of the 'Disable Upon Wired Connect' feature here:

Turn Off Wi-Fi When Ethernet Cable Is Connected To Windows 10 PC (intowindows.com)

I just updated my Wi-Fi 6 AX200 adapter's drivers, but I do not see that feature.  Is there another way to get the desired behavior of turning off my Wi-Fi when I connect via cable.  My laptop has Intel Ethernet Connection (6) I219-V for my wired connection.

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I have the same exact wireless adapter, and always was curious about this myself. And I can verify that I didn't see any obvious place to set the Disable upon wired connection. I know the option was and is visible on other wireless adapters I have had. With that in mind I got out my 40 feet long Ethernet cable and cabled up to my router. Within seconds the AX200 wireless connection disconnected, and I was connected via the Ethernet cable. And as soon I disconnected the Ethernet cable, the AX200 adapter went live, and I was back on wireless.

So it seems that functionality is just assumed and the option to enable/disable is not visible. In my test it worked exactly as expected.