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Extremely bad download speed but good upload speed on Advanced-N 6200 AGN??

I have an HP Envy 14 laptop with Intel Advanced-N 6200 AGN wireless adapter. I use a Linksys WRT160N wireless router, and I have Comcast business grade 22Mbps Internet. When connected directly to cable, everything is fine, I got up to 90 Mbps download speed and 8Mbps upload speed, however, when connect through wireless router, I got only 1 Mbps (!!!) download speed but still 8 Mbps upload speed. Both router and laptop are running on wireless-N mode.

I have tried various settings in my router, changing channels, radio bands, network mode (n only, b/g/n mixed, etc) and various other things, but it doesn't seems to change a thing. My other Macbook pro laptop got 16 Mbps download speed, although still not satisfactory, but it's acceptable. I wonder what's wrong with my 6200 wireless adaptor. I downloaded and installed latest drivers, but it didn't help.

I am running on Windows 7 64-bit version.


I downloaded and ran Intel Advanced Statistics in Intel PROset Wireless, it shows 97% "percent transmit error", WTF??

Any suggestions?

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