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Frequent ping spikes

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Look at Pictures Attached. These spikes comes every now and then, and as far as I can see they come around the same time.. Nobody else around here is using 5 ghz and I only have one Device Connected to the router. I got full signal to router, and I'm pinging the router. Same problem goes if I reboot my computer or router/modem. I've had this problem for a long time. If I jump one driver back the issues are much worse.


Wifi Connection used; 5 ghz

Intel 7260 AC, driver Version installed

Zyxel P2812 AC

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There could be many reasons as to why you can have this occuring. Interferece from other sources, the Internet speed are good examples that can impact. Ping spikes during reboots can be normal as your computer does the handshake and all background processes that use the Internet start running. Certain types of games can cause this as well depending on their complexity. Remember that 5 GHz is very susceptable to physical obstacles and its range is not as wide as 2.4 GHz. The router and its settings also plays an important role. If the router is N, this can also impact directly. 5 GHz band would be optimal if the download speed is greater than 4 to 5 MB per second.

What happens when you switch to 2.4 GHz?

Do you know if this occurs when you are hard connected?

There is a thread: where other users provided other alternatives for solutions, please take a look and see if their solutions can help you resolve this issue you are encountering.

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I got full signal (4 out of 4 bars), and the router is 4 meters away from me.

I got 150/150 connection (fiber), I called my ISP who said there is no problems with my conenction. Also there is no interference on 5 ghz chanel which is used (checked With inSSID). These spikes you see on images above are not sporadic or happening once in a while, they happend exactly on the same moments either the computer have just been booted or if it's been on for 1 hour. When I do these ping tests I do not download anything or have any activity on my connection that are worth mentioning (tested in clean boot with only nesassary services and disabled start up programs).


I have the same problem and I'm pretty sure it's the ScanWhenAssociated issue that was posted in that thread. Unfortunately it looks like the registry fix no longer works with the newest driver version (18.32 and 18.33). I've been looking for a way to revert back to an older version where the fix still worked.


So I've found a workaround to the ping spikes after trying all the other solutions.

- The ScanWhenAssociated fix didn't work, In the past it did work when my ping was spiking every 15 seconds but my current problem is ping spikes every 60 seconds.

- I also tried various combinations of the advanced settings in Device Manager and they didn't work either. Running

- Running netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=no interface="Wireless Network Connection" also didn't work. It stopped networks from showing up when clicking on the Wifi icon but the lag spikes remained. It's interesting that this solution didn't work but restarting WLAN autoconfig did though.

- Disabling Location services and Cortana didn't work

Here's what I did that did work though:

1) Opened services.msc by searching that in the Control Panel.

2) Scroll down to WLAN autoconfig service and click restart

3) IMPORTANT: After restarting the service DO NOT click on the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar. That will result in the ping spikes coming back. I think clicking on the icon causes Windows to start background scanning for networks again.

The annoying thing about this fix is you have to restart the service every time you restart the computer. Also it seems like it only fixes the problem for 10 minutes.

Overall I believe this is an issue with background scanning but it may be a Windows problem rather than an Intel driver problem.

Oh and the setup that I did these tests on was with a 7260-AC on 18.33 drivers (latest ones available of as today, they're dated Jan 5, 2016)


Alright finally got a more permanent fix. Download WLAN Optimizer and set it to run at startup. Also enable streaming mode in the program. Lastly disable location services and Cortana if you're on Windows 10. No more ping spikes in the last two hours since I applied those two fixes.

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Thanks for all the help!

I went away to format my computer right before I saw Your reply.

ATM I'm running on default driver that came With W10 ( and it worked pretty much perfectly. I also added regfix after you clearified that it didnt work With newer drivers (make sense for me when testing). However after reinstalling my computer the Connection worked just fine without regfix, a few spikes now and then (very "minor". 50-70ms once every 10 sec, not enough to be problematic in games). I added the regfix and now I run With 1-3 ms and not a single spike (500 ping packets to router).

This is the first time during my 3 years With this card that it actually Works as I wanted it to. I can't see any difference using this Wireless card vs network card (amazing).

ATM Intel AC7260 Works Perfect With W10 (only installed cum. update 1511 from windows update).

I'm pretty sure the Connection will be screwed up some time in the future, I suspect my previous issues is because driver/OS are not 100% Perfect match, not even 70% when the issues are at the worst.

I Guess conclusion is that

1. format

2. only have Windows update 1511 installed

3. Use default driver that came With windows

4. If still some minor spikes -> use regfix