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How do I know if my laptop supports a CNVio2 wifi card?

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It's a i3-1215u 12th gen laptop. Is the CPU sufficient or is there anything else required?


PSREF ThinkBook ThinkBook 15 G4 IAP (lenovo.com)


I've already contacted Lenovo and they're clueless.

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It is Lenovo's laptop.   And, they need to tell you.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Technically. Are CNVio(1) wifi cards supported by 12th gen processors?


There is CNVio support in the hidden advanced bios but unsure which version it is because the card currently installed is a standard M.2 wifi card.

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Hello @Essereio

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

The information provided by AlHill is correct and to verify full compatibility with Intel® Integrated Connectivity protocol (CNVio), you need to contact your system or motherboard manufacturer (OEM), in this case, Lenovo* Support.

This is because the Companion RF (CRF) Modules supporting Intel® Integrated Connectivity (CNVi, the integrated wireless IP portion of Intel processors) can only be used with select Intel processors/chipset on systems/motherboards that are specifically designed to support it.

Though you can insert these CRF into a standard M.2 Key E socket, they are only compatible with a system designed for the CNVi. Depending on the design, an M.2 may support both the CNVi and standard M.2 Key-E wireless modules. You will need to verify with Lenovo* if your system is designed to support both the CNVi and generic M.2 Key-E modules.

Refer to What Are the Intel® Integrated Connectivity (CNVi) and Companion RF (CRF) Module? for more details.

Also, we will proceed to review your other (specific) question: "Are CNVio(1) wifi cards supported by 12th gen processors?"

As soon as we have more details available, we will be posting back in the thread.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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