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How to turn off scanwhenassociated function on the ac 3160 dual band wireless.

I get ping lags while gaming that last around 2-5 seconds. I have pinded down the cause to the ac 3160 daul band wireless card scanning for other wifi connections even though i am connected to a wifi connection. So turning off this scanwhenassociated function will help as i have read and tested my self. I tested by pinging -t in cmd and then clicking on the wifi connection so it scans for connections automaticlly. So i have confirmed that this is the cause but when i was following the other forums guide on how to turn this scanwhenassociated function off. i couldnt find it in my regedit. According to the other forum guides the "ScanWhenAssociated" should of been right under the "RxStbc" but it is not ? any ideas guys ? I have the lattest drivers and software btw.

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Hello Thomas1994,

As I understand, you are considering to apply the fix provided by another user in the following thread:

As is mentioned in the forum, once you identify the correct registry key and folder, if the value is not listed, you can create it following the instructions.

Please take into consideration that serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems may not be fixed and might require that you reinstall the operating system. Modify the registry at your own responsibility.

Here are some advisories with actions that should always be performed before considering editing the registry, these include wireless adapter properties, interference from other devices, Wi-Fi channel congestion, system updates (PC and router), etc.