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IPv6/IPv4 preference lost after Intel wifi driver update

I had my IPv4 preferred over IPv6, via the Microsoft supported reg entry ( Win7 x64.

After upgrading the wifi driver for my Intel 6200 card to the latest (5.1.1, coming from 14.3.1),the preference is completely ignored it seems. No variation of the reg value seems to function.

It's as if IPv6 is permanently prioritized above IPv4.

I had IPv6 setup via a 6in4 tunnel, and config was operating acceptably until this driver change. Nothing else changed.

How can I get Intel support to answer to this?

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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Community Manager

Hello fr33z0n3r,

We have not seen this behavior, however, because of the nature of the issue you are experiencing and to better assist you, I'd like for you to call us so we can speak directly with you.

In North America, we can be reached at (916) 377-7000, option # 6.

Telephone numbers for Intel® Support Centers worldwide can be found at:


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