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Intel 7260


I'm having problems with my mini PCI Intel 7260. I plugged it into my ITX motherboard and installed the latest drivers from intels website. The problem is that it will not connect to any of my three wifi spots in my home. It seems like it doesn't even search for it. My computer only recognizes it as a Bluetooth device and not a wifi card. Also I only have one antenna plugged into it although that shouldn't be the problem because even if it had it had two or one it should still attempt to search for wifi.

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Actually, tyschab, in this case with the 7260, it is absolutely necessary to connect an IPEX cable for an external antenna to post # 2 on the 7260 card. It will not work properly without it. The 7260 requires two antennas: the internal one that is in the notebook, and an external one that you must supply. The cable costs all of a buck fifty at Amazon.

But until you have that cable in hand, you can defeat the requirement by temporarily putting Scotch tape on pin # 51. You won't get good reception, but at least you can work with the WLAN adapter until you get the cable.

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