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Intel AC 8260 troubles with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on ThinkPad x1 4th editon



I have been using my laptop for couple of months now and I am still (even after drivers update) having problem with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


To bo preciseful - When I connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and then connect to a Bluetooth device, I am immediately being dosconnected from Wi-Fi, and Windows stops to see any avaible connections. On the other hand, when I connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi, I am able to use Bluetooth, but my Wi-Fi connection is not too stable (usually once a half of hour it vanishes). When it happens, I have to turn off Bluetooth, connect to Wi-Fi (it appears again), and then turn on Bluetooth and connect to BT device.


Another problem is that 2.4GHz connections are cosiderably slower than 5GHz.


And the last one - when I turn on my Laptop (or reboot it after sleep mode) my Wi-Fi usually doesn't see any 5GHz connections, only 2.4GHz ones. 5GHz appears after couple of minutes, sometimes later. Sometime restart of WiFi card helps and 5GHz appears.

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First of all, Bluetooth and Wireless share the 2.4GHz band and can interfere with each other. Secondly, USB 3.0 also uses 2.4GHz signalling and a poorly insulated device or (especially) cable will cause interference. If you can use the 5GHz band for Wireless, you should always be doing so. If using a USB 3.0 device when problems occur, look at this device with the hairy eyeball. If you are doing all this and the problem still occurs, first thing to do is check that the antennas are properly connected to the component. Next is to look into whether you have a bad device.


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