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Intel Advanced-N 6205 problems with D-Link router

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Hi, I have a 6205 with the latest drivers and software installed on a pretty fresh Windows 7 installation.

When I try to download from various websites, there seems to be a hard cap of 100 KB/s. It chokes to the point where I can't do anything else. This is using up to 20 download streams.

When I connect directly to modem using its integrated WiFi router, it works fine. Full download speeds at full internet capacity.

Before I toss the adapter, I'd like to know if anyone has any ideas of what I can do to try fixing this problem? It's clearly directly related to the router. It has the latest firmware installed, etc. The model # is DIR-618. It is a Wifi-N router, which is why I want to use it over the modem's Wifi (for LAN purposes)


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Thank you for your post lowlight,

I understand that you have some connectivity issues.

Based on the description you have provided it seems that there might be an issue related to poor signal strength.


In this case, besides checking the router specifications you might need to check if the antenna is either loose or disconnected. You may also try resetting the router back to its default settings.


Since this might be related to the router specific configurations, our recommendation would be to contact the router manufacturer for further information.


Best regards!

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Hi Victor, I appreciate you taking the time to consider my situation.

However, it is not an issue with connectivity. The signal strength is actually very good, at -50 dBA - even better than the modem connection which is the one that works.

I was afraid it would come to "contact the router manufacturer" who will no doubt say "contact the network adapter manufacturer" and so on. This appears to be an incompatibility between the two, for whatever reason. I'll just have to try a different adapter. The reason I switched to this PCI-E one was because I no longer have PCI slots in this new system.