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Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 connection problem

I've got the 6230 and a Billion 7800n, windows 7 64bit, latest drivers and firmware etc. I've got 3 other laptops connecting with wireless n fine.

The card says it connects but there's no internet connection. I can see that it's got the gateway address but pinging it does not work (works for other laptops). The router system log is full of "DHCP SERVER: DHCP request from laptop" and the router's reply "DHCP SERVER: DHCP ack to laptop". Other laptops do this once where as my new laptop just keeps on going.

Now I know that there's been a lot of problems with this card and Intel haven't addressed it yet. The solutions that work for me are either disabling wirless n on the card which is unacceptable because I lose speed which was the point of buying this card. The other solution is to reinstall the driver which allows the card to work perfectly. I can restart my laptop and it will run fine again. It's the 3rd boot that what ever magic the reinstall did, fails. This happens 100% consistently. So does this mean that it's a driver/software problem?

I really don't want to have to keep doing this alternative solutions because it should work. If Intel advertised the card as one i'd have to re-enable on startup I would not have bought it...

Anyway enough ranting. Can I get a confirmation from an Intel support person that this is a problem and they are working on a solution?


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Aw no one is going to bite? I've setup my machine to reinstall the driver on boot so at least I don't have to remember to do it each time, though it slows the boot time considerably.

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I humbly apologise to Intel, the problem was due to a conflict with the intel card and my current bios firmware.

For others who might run into this problem, I have a Clevo P150HM laptop. They don't make their bios firmware releases public so you have to request it specifically from their support team. However there is a thread here: which lists firmware obtained by customers. I hope this helps anyone else in this situation.

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Hi ventalator

Since recently I'm having the exact same issues on my Sager NP8150 (which is basically a rebranded Clevo P150HM) also with an intel advanced-N 6230.

Might I ask which BIOS/EC versions you used to solve the problem, and how you configured your pc to reinstall the drivers automatically on boot?



I happen to have a Clevo P170HM with this exact same issue with my intel centrino advanced-n 6230 not having internet connetion. Everytime I have to reinstall the drivers and then it works again (and like a charm). But upon reboot, it's back to not working anymore.

I've been searching like mad to find a solution that is specific enough to work. This one looks like the winner!

I've found a BIOS here for my P170HM, your P150HM is there as well

I've also checked with my vendor and they have the same version available for download. Going to try this solution and see if it works. I'll check back in to report.