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Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Bad signal throws DNS error


Hi All.


I have an Asus Zenbook UX305C which houses an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 card. Recently after around 6 months of my laptop laying around due to a broken screen I decided to get it fixed. Ever since I got the laptop back fixed I have had nothing but issues with the wireless card. To replace the screen you don't go anywhere near the motherboard whatsoever.


It all started with signal issues. I constantly saw a jump in signal strength even though I was right next to the router. I would jump between one bar to full bars. If I went into the next room which is around 4 meters away from the router it would even disconnect. In the college I study at there is free wifi available. Obviously with a big campus there are many many access points. I couldn't even get a signal to the wifi yet many devices around me, laptops, phones etc were able to. Some how a driver update fixed this issue.


Now the issue I am currently having is to do with a DNS error. This is even happening at home. When the wifi signal drops to 2 or 1 bars, it throws a DNS error. Using windows diagnostics this is what the report is stating.


(Windows can't communicate with the device or resource. primary DNS server).


This has been happening in college aswell. I took it to the IT team and they updated the drivers through the intel website to the latest ones. This made the wifi speed up alot. But hasn't fixed this DNS error. I really can't rack my brain around how a DNS error would be linked to a faulty wireless card. Especially since I've had this card since I bought this laptop back in 2016 and never once had any issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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You do understand that the antennas for wireless are located in the lid for the laptop and thus could have been disaffected by the effort to replace the broken screen. At a minimum, you should open the chassis and ensure that the two antenna leads are properly and securely connected to the 7260 card.


Hope this helps,



This is what I was telling the guy that fixed the screen that on pretty much all laptops the antenna is located around the screen, He took the wireless card out and gave it a clean, his words. He took the screen off in front of me and it doesn't look to be any antennas but they are most likely hidden. That made me question his profession. The signal is alright. Its just the continuous DNS problems on campus wifi. I was using the 5GHz network at home which when the internet got down to one bar when I was a fair distance away from the router it was showing no internet on chrome. But so far no real problems. Just seems to be campus wifi that has the issues that I am trying to figure out.