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Intel Dual Bank Wireless-AC 8265 - no wifi


I use a Lenovo X1 5th Generation. I had to deal almost every time with a disruption of the wifi after an update of the driver and/or of Windows. Since a couple of weeks, the machine was working very well. 2 weeks ago, the computer and the system managed successfully various updates. 

This morning, out of the blue, after a reboot, I could not see anymore my wifi network (it was still working and available for my other devices). I checked online, removed the driver, uninstalled the adapter, in vain. I checked the latest version of the driver and installed it. Here again, it did not work.

I did a scan with the Intel Utility. The file is attached. I don't know if it is a software or hardware issue, but it is extremely annoying.

Thanks for your help!

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