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Intel(R) Wi-Fi driver keeps stopping code 14 - Issue addressed




I started 2 thread before and got no help, but now I found the cause of the issue

Please read the 2 threads for full concept.




After I installed Windows 24h2, I didn't encounter the issue again, until I installed and configured the firewall (Comodo), the issue started again and very aggressively, then I started to check the firewall log and found the cause.

I usually block svchost.exe from accessing the internet, and only port 53 is allowed, and that is the reason.

First I notice the driver will stop code 14 immediately once connected to the router cause of blocked connection using port 123 for the process svchost.exe, so I opened the port 123 for svchot.exe and no more stop code 14 happens.

Then After a while the driver will stop code 14 again, I checked and it is blocked connection using port 80 for svchost.exe, and that is a normal internet connection. I allowed svchost.exe to access the internet then no more code 14 again.


So it was because of blocking svchost.exe from accessing the internet, but why intel WiFi driver needs svchost.exe to access the internet?


I didn't encounter any issue in windows 10 cause I don't have firewall installed, and that is why it is only windows 11 had the issue


I am using a USB WiFi dongle from other brand and I am blocking svchost from the accessing the internet without any issue, it is only in intel WiFi driver.


I hope you will look into this an check why ONLY intel WiFi driver requires svchost to access the internet? it is strange behavior.


To reproduce the issue, just block the port 123 for svchost and Intel WiFi driver will stop immediately code 14 after connection is established.


I hope you can take a look into this and fix the issue,


Thanks in advance

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hello there

Let’s delve into this further. You told us that the issue occurs only in Windows 11 and not in Windows 10. This discrepancy could be due to differences in how the operating systems handle network connections and services.

The Intel Wi-Fi driver relies on various system services, including svchost.exe, to function correctly. Svchost.exe (Service Host) is a critical process that hosts multiple Windows services. It’s responsible for managing network-related tasks, among other things.


For Blocked Ports and Code 14: When you block port 123 (used for Network Time Protocol, NTP) or port 80 (HTTP), the Intel Wi-Fi driver encounters issues (code 14). This suggests that the driver requires specific network services to operate seamlessly.

  1. Why Does the Intel Wi-Fi Driver Need svchost.exe?

    • Time Synchronization (Port 123): Blocking port 123 might disrupt time synchronization, which can affect network communication.
    • HTTP Traffic (Port 80): Port 80 is commonly used for web traffic. The Intel driver may rely on HTTP-based services for updates, authentication, or other functions.
  2. USB Wi-Fi Dongle vs. Intel Wi-Fi: It’s intriguing that your USB Wi-Fi dongle doesn’t exhibit this behavior. Different Wi-Fi drivers may have varying dependencies on system services. The Intel driver’s reliance on svchost.exe could be specific to its design or features.


    • Driver Updates: Ensure you’re using the latest Intel Wi-Fi driver. Sometimes updates address compatibility issues.
    • Firewall Rules: If possible, create specific firewall rules for svchost.exe to allow necessary traffic while maintaining security.

hope it helps...



Thanks for describing my problem again in a better way, but will Intel look into this issue?

It is not normal for a driver to require access from other services to access the internet.

And about port 123, if the driver need to sync time, it should do it using the system timer and not the internet.

the port 80 it could be Network list service, I am not sure.


But even when I disable and enable the driver again, the driver will stop code 14, even if I am not connected at all.


It could be because I disable some Windows services, for example EvenLog, but why ONLY intel driver is having this issue?


I hope intel will look into this, I am sure if this issue is addressed it will make the driver much better the connection much faster.


Thanks again

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The driver stopping with error code 14 even when you're not connected, and potentially being affected by disabled Windows services like EventLog, these are important observations.


Most likely the Wifi driver problem or other issues is causing it. Here are some things you can try.

Try every step in this support article.
Fix Wi-Fi connection issues in Windows 10

1. Try to power reset/cycle your computer.
Unplug the computer's power cord
Press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds
Plug in the power cord
Turn on the computer

2. Press the Windows key then search 'Network reset"
Then open the network reset
and click "reset"
Restart your computer

3. Uninstall the network driver.
Open Device Manager
then under network adapter
Uninstall your Wifi WLAN driver.
then restart your computer.

Download the latest Wifi driver from the Manufacturer's support website.
Install the driver and restart your computer.

4. Please check these settings in the power options.
Open and search "Power options"
Select "Edit power plan settings"
Click " Change advance power settings"
Expand "Wireless Adapter settings"
Set both to "Maximum Performance" for both batteries and plugged in.

5. Open "Device Manager"
Then Expand Network Adapters
Choose your Wifi Device
then right-click and click on properties
Click on Power Management Tab
Uncheck "Allow comput

6. Open Command Prompt then Run as Administrator.
Type in each code then hit Enter

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns

Once done, restart your computer.

7. if it's a laptop/notebook, kindly check if it has any wireless/airplane switch or function key and try disabling and enabling the switch.
Hope it work
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Sorry for my late replies, my account was blocked! And there were no options to contact or appeal! but somehow it works now, strange.

 Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 01-26-54 Intel Unified Login.png


Thanks for you options, but I already addressed the issue, it is because of blocked internet connection for svchost

port 123 and port 80 (99% it is the network list service). And your options has no fixes for my case!


The ball in Intel's court, will they fix the issue as it is addressed now?


Again, I have many Laptops, only the ones with intel WiFi driver are having this issue, and even no issues with the USB WiFi dongle in the same laptop.


I will not compromise my security configuration. If intel cares about security as they claim, they should fix the issue. There is no need for internet access for SVCHOST to make a driver work.


If Intel didn't fox this issue, we will not buy Intel products anymore, I am sure a lot will.


And about having this issue with there is no internet connection, it is only when disable and enable the driver, or trying to change the driver version. The issue is Intel WiFi driver are stuck i memory and cannot be released (most likely for eventlog is disabled), but again ONLY intel driver is having this issue, please check the pics I attached in previous thread, or I will do it hopefully Intel will fix this issue.


Screenshot 2024-01-16 014640.png


This pic shows loaded module in Windows kernel and intel driver is stuck in the system kernel, and can't be released, they when disable and enable driver, updating drivers and trying to rollback, it will tell that and old version of the driver is still in memory.


Restarting Windows will fix the issue, but this should not be the case, Intel should fix this issue as it is addressed now.