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Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN can bluetooth by WPAN?

My laptop has a dedicated bluetooth boton function and light.

So i have been searching about WPAN, that can make as bluetooth, IR and adhoc conection)

But i installed all the aplications (my wifi and the pro set wireless) and cant make the bluethoot to show/work and dont event say anithing about IR, the adhoc was already integrated with windows 7 so i dont care about it.

When searching about this, my adapter was listed as capable, but i cant make it work or dont how to.

thanks, hope for answers

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Community Manager

Hello Kevin,

By checking the specifications, the Intel® WiFi Link 5100 does not contain a Bluetooth radio. This card does WiFi Only, and creating a Bluetooth WPAN is not possible.

What you are seen as a Bluetooth device is probably a third-party hardware installed by your OEM (such as an add-on card or dongle inside the laptop). Usually the management software to create a WPAN with that device is supported directly with the manufacturer.

Now, Intel® My Wi-Fi Dashboard will work similar, but using the wifi radio. You may want to check these links for reference:

Intel® My Wi-Fi Dashboard

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