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Bluetooth 3.0 Intel 6230

The Bluetooth driver breaks every time I restart my Dell (L502x).

I install the driver, add some audio bluetooth devices (with "listen to music" option) and works ok, but if I restart the pc, and link again my audio devices the volume mixer turns the volume up to 100% and the audio wich send to my device is very low.

I can only fix it if I uninstall the device (with all the intel software), and install it again (downloaded from or, last versions, I have the same problem).

The driver name is intel centrino wireless bluetooth 3.0 + high speed virtual adapter.

My OS is windows 7 ultimate 64bits, and the drivers are for 64bits os.

In linux Ubuntu I haven't got any problem (I have dual boot).

Has anybody got the same problem?


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Community Manager

Note that this is an uncommon behavior of the Bluetooth device drivers. The latest drivers/software available is version available here:

from your description, it may be related to some corruption occurring once the computer is turned off, you may check if you disconnect/"un-pair" the Bluetooth devices before you turn the computer off/standby, if you still see these corruptions, also you may check if there are any updated drivers for the paired audio device you add.