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Proset User Credentials

I have 9 Panasonic Toughbooks (XP Pro SP3) that have Intel Proset. I could swear that in the past, I was able to allow users who were Windows Power Users to use and configure Proset. Now, it seems that unless they have admin rights, Proset does not work. Once I change the user back to an administrator, it works great.

Has proset always been this way? Is there any way around this? We really do not like the users to have admin rights if at all possible.


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Community Manager

Hello Dick, the Intel connection utility can be set in a way that the user may not access it, but by default all users may access the Intel PROSet utility. For this access to be restricted you would have needed to set up an administrator profile (open PROSet utility, click on tools, then administrator tool, create new package, application settings and change the settings in WiFi Manager then close and save)


The only other case is if the user is restricted in any way of running certain applications then they may not be able to run the tool all together.