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Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 #2. Device cannot start. (Code 10)


This seems to be a common thread at the moment. My wireless network card is installed on my ASUS Zenbook Flip and was working up until I received The latest Microsoft Updates and I believe in this instance KB4537572 was the culprit .

I have read all the forums and undertaken the following but I'm unable to reenabled my network card in my laptop and seek further assistance in resolving this issue.

Thing's I have done include

  1. Update all the ASUS drivers including the BIOS.
  2. Reset the Network
  3. Run the .network repair tool.
  4. Uninstalled and reinstalled the network card & drivers.
  5. Uninstalled and reinstalled the latest available drivers and currently I'm running version Intel drivers version
  6. Reset the BIOS to the defaults (Twice)
  7. Checked the cards Log files that show the following which indicates the driver is not installing correctly but I have done this with the latest driver and older ones. "Device USB\VID_148F&PID_3070\1.0 requires further installation."
  8. Uninstalled the Microsoft Update and rebooted which had no effect.
  9. Done a hard restart.


The only two things I haven't done is to reinstall/Refresh Windows and remove the battery which on a laptop takes a bit of work and a reinstall/Refresh/Repair of Windows will delete my apps something I don't want to reinstall.

I did manage to get the card to enable once but lost it upon rebooting the machine so I feel this is not a hardware issue.

At the moment I'm using a USB network adapter and this is the only way I can get internet or networking which is not ideal and would like to resolve this. As I said it appears everyday others are having the same issue and the numbers reporting this problem is getting larger.


Many Thanks

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Hi @KHedg1​ ,

FYI, you may reinstall/repair Windows installation with "An in place upgrade". Using this method , will not affect your installation or data and still you will have new Windows installed.




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Hi thanks Leon I will check this out I have also now run the SSU and attached the log file I don't know if this helps resolve this.😀

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Having done the above with no resolution I noticed that under the device manage Bluetooth was not displayed by default and only became visible if you select view/Show hidden items. Despite Bluetooth working if you clicked on the Bluetooth properties it showed an error and since Bluetooth is tied to the network card this provided the fix. I downloaded the driver from the manufactures website and reinstalled this and after a reboot the Bluetooth device appear as normal in the list and not hidden and a 2nd reboot after this enabled the network card which is now working as expected.

Whilst my setup maybe different to others this is something else you could try to resolve your issue if its reporting the same problem.


Got to love Microsoft it would be great if they undertake due diligence and test their updates, I have now delayed any future updates until April 2020 so any issues are highlighted to the end user and I can delay the installation. Seriously considering disabling WSUS service to prevent further updating, I do understand why updates are required but they do create more problems for us..😎

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