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Intel WiFi driver does not install itself but don't show error

Hi everyone,
I recently build a computer and installed the "GC-W1733D-I" WiFi and Bluetooth PCIe card

It came with a driver disk, and I installed the Bluetooth then the WiFI, both install said they worked correctly

Bluetooth work like a charm, WiFi still doesn't exist

I installed the newest Intel WiFi driver, and it said "Repair Completed" but did not install anything

I erased every wireless driver I put, and followed the instructions for a clean install of the WiFi driver,

Bluetooth still work like a charm, WiFi driver still says "Repair has been completed successfully" instead of installing itself, and my network adapter still don't show the wireless device

Any advice on what to do ?
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Do that clean install again, this time using my algorithm (follow it exactly):

  1. If you haven't already, download - but do not install just yet - the latest Bluetooth and Wireless driver packages for your adapter. Here are the current links for downloading these drivers: Wireless: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/19351 and Bluetooth: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/18649.
  2. Most important! Disable Internet access. Unplug Ethernet cable and/or disable wireless. Keep disabled until told to re-enable. Note this Wireless disable *must* be of type that will persist and stay disabled across reboots.
  3. From the Apps & Features applet, check for instances of Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Intel Wireless Bluetooth. If none, skip to Step 6.
  4. Uninstall each instance of Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and/or Intel Wireless Bluetooth that is present. When prompted, choose to "Discard Settings".
  5. Manually reboot your computer, keeping Internet access disabled throughout.
  6. From the Device Manager applet, check the Network Adapters section for an entry for Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9260 and check the Bluetooth section for an entry for Intel Wireless Bluetooth that has an intel driver associated with it. If neither is the case, go to Step 10.
  7. Right click on the entry for Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9260 and uninstall it, choosing to (checkmark) Delete the driver software for this device.
  8. Right click on the entry for Intel Wireless Bluetooth and open its properties. If it has an Intel driver associated with it, then uninstall it, choosing to (checkmark) Delete the driver software for this device.
  9. Go to Step 5.
  10. (Optional but recommended) Clean out all temporary files using the Windows Clean Disk tool. Ensure you have enabled cleaning of System Files. I recommend that you then checkmark all categories offered, even if no files currently in this category (so it leaves it set up for next invocation).
  11. (Optional but recommended) Clear each of your browsers' cache.
  12. Install the downloaded Bluetooth driver package (my rule: always install Bluetooth first).
  13. Install the downloaded Wireless driver package.
  14. Manually shutdown and reboot your computer.
  15. Reenable Internet access. Restore Ethernet cable and/or reenable wireless.
  16. Test.

Hope this helps,


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Another thought (I should have checked my notes before responding): These card carrier cards can be very unreliable if installed into a PCIe x4/x8/x16 slot. You *must* use a PCIe x1 slot for reliable operation.


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Hi !
Thanks you for taking the time to answer, sadly, it didn't work

I installed the Bluetooth correctly but when it came to the WiFi, it did as it always do and showed me the message "repair has been done"

I checked the ssu app, and it is currently saying Intel®PROStet/wireless... Alongside Inted® network connection... "Not Available"

The card is indeed installed in a PCIe 1x slot
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Hello, @Cold.   


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. I am glad to see that fellow community members have the knowledge and they jumped in and helped.   


It is worth mentioning that Intel does not support wireless integrations (installing a different wireless adapter into your system/laptop). We recommend you speak to the Manufacturer of your equipment for support on wireless integrations and replacement parts to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of your country and support. It is important to check for compatibility and assistance with the System Manufacturer, as there could be certain cards that will not work with the system.  


For more information, read the following article under the title "Regulatory Information Regarding Wireless Hardware Installation or Upgrade.


Please, keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your understanding.  


Best regards,    

Jocelyn M.    

Intel Customer Support Technician.   

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This repair message is an indication that you did not follow my algorithm exactly. Do it again, this time following it exactly. It is possible that you may have to reboot multiple times if you have that many installs stacked up. Step 2 is an absolute *must*. It is important to ensure that internet access is not restored during reboots. Your best bet is to unplug your Ethernet cable and disable wireless at your router.


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Thank you again for your reply

I decided to do a clean install of Windows and then a clean install of the driver, this time it did says the driver had been installed, but I still have nothing and after checking the USS, it said again the wireless WiFi was unavailable like last time

I tried to install the latest driver of my motherboard again and the recommended of the the card, but I still have nothing, I will try to exchange the piece to see if it is a defective one or if I just cannot, for some reason, have WiFi on my computer
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Let us know what happens when you get the replacement card,


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