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Intel WiFi6 AX200 slow speed with wifi6 router


I have a Motorola SB8200 modem Netgear RAX20 router, Xfinity 900MBPS service.

My speedtest is only showing 350MBPS.

Link speed to the network is 1201MBPS.

IPV4 Connectivity Internet

IPV6 Connectivity No Network Access

I have attached the SSU

Happens everywhere

Laptop is 1year old

WIndows 10

I havent tested the speed in the past

THis AX200 was included in my HP Envy X360 laptop.

The SSU is attached

Any help is appreciated.



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Lower bandwidth test results are expected for wireless connectivity since it has a certain amount of overhead frames (management, control)  but if you have other wireless devices in your vicinity, you can try them and compare the outcome.


Looking at the attached system detail file, the wireless signal strength is at 90% which is considered optimal and the connection rate is at 1210Mbps. This is the maximum wireless connection speed for your RAX20 wireless router running 802.1ax 5Ghz 80Mhz setup.


The driver version you have is version 22.130 which is not the latest version (22.140). You may consider trying it but, in my opinion, updating to the latest driver should not  impact  your speedtest issue.




If the RAX20 wireless router has a built-in speed test capability, you can try it and check the result as well.


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