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Intel Wireless AC3165


I have a new Dell Laptop 7353 with the latest wireless adapter AC3165.

I can log into many networks when I am traveling around the country but into my new ASUS Router RT-AC68U at home. While I can log into my new home router with many devices, the new laptop (AC3165) will log in for only 30-40 seconds and then drop out. After many drop outs, I have to use restore for my computer to get the network adapter working again. Is there any clues as to why my AC3165 won't log into the ASUS?



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In cases like your wireless adapter connects with any other network but yours, our first recommendation is for you to check with your computer manufacturer if you wireless adapter is running the latest drivers provided by them: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/topics/oems.html Computer Manufacturer Support Websites - However, we would like for you to try the following procedure below as well after the wireless drivers had been updated:

1. Please, check if your router has the latest firmware and if not, contact ASUS* and check what is the latest version available.

2. Delete the Internet profile created in your computer to establish the initial connection and them add a new one.

3. Check the kind of encryption your router is using as it also may impact. The lastest and safer is WPA2

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