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Intel Wireless-N 7260 not working


Hello Guys,

Greetings. I am facing this very weird issue from last couple of weeks. i have tried every normal things but no good.

The issue is my above said wireless adapter simply does not get recognized by the system. It was working very normally and then one fine day, all I could see was the wired adapter icon. So I went to device manager and checked but the device was simply missing from the list. After toggling the Hidden Devices, I could see it there and it said the device is disconnected! Now here is the weird part. Above all this, the adapter has worked very VERY randomly about 4 to 5 times only in last 2 to 3 weeks. But if I am to put it in other words, it failed to be detected 99% of times! I personally don't think it is a lose connection issue or similar stuff.


I have tried all preliminary steps like:

1. UnInstalling and ReInstalling the drivers

2. Scanning for hardware changes in Device Manager

3. Tried both latest version of drivers


INTEL: 17.1.0.xx (Don't remember the last digits but was definitely latest)

4. Rebooting the system

5. Force Shutting Down the system

These Steps do not work:

1. Enabling and disabling the adapter

Reason: The adapter simply does not show in Network and Sharing Center or anywhere else and hidden devices in Device Manager cannot be disabled as the computer reads them as presently disconnected!

2. Try connecting to wireless networks

Reason: Can't because the adapter itself is absent according to system

3. Uninstall and Reinstall drivers

Reasons: Virtually useless. Makes no impact or effect on th problem whatsoever.

4. Try connecting to Internet via Ethernet and then scan for hardware changes

Reasons: Tried it, still no luck.

Relevant Details to my problem:

1. Laptop: Sony Vaio Fit14A [SVF14N16SNS]

2. OS: Windows 8.1 64bit (All Windows updates installed to the date)

3. Adapter: Intel Wireless N7260

I am attaching the screen shot of my device manager and the device properties. Please check that out too. Any help is highly appreiated

Thanks in Advance



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Open the laptop and reseat the adapter.


Hi ashhem,

Did you integrate this adapter? If so, is this a compatible device for your computer?

Try the Step GattoNero said.

Kevin M


exactly the same problem on my Sony Vaio Tap 11. 7260 wifi suddenly dissapear from Device manager and if i show hidden device, it say device is unplugged.

but im sure device is plugged because the BLUETOOTH still working fine.


Hello orangpelupa,

Ca you also provide information requested on post # 2?

Kevin M

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Hello Ashhem,

Kevin_Intel asked you a very important question. Was this adapter integrated? Meaning, did you install this adapter? If not, try installing the drivers provided by your computer manufacturer.

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Hello Ashhem,

The Intel Wireless-N 7260 not working means that you should update Wireless Driver.

Here is the process:

1. To find the device manager on the PC. No matter windows xp or windows 8, the device manager is in the Control Panel.

2. Double-click on "Universal Serial Bus" in the Device Manager. It will show Intel Wireless Driver.

3. Right-click on the Intel Wireless driver you want to install and select "properties".

4. Click on the "Driver" tab and select "Update Drivers".

5. Click "Search automatically for updated driver software". The windows will search for driver updates and install Intel Wireless Drivers automatically.

http://www.official-drivers.com/articles/How-to-Update-Intel-Wireless-Drivers-in-Windows-XP How to Update Intel Wireless Drivers in Windows XP?