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Intel centrino advanced-N 6230 AGN disappeared in device manager

I have an Intel 6230 Wireless N with Bluetooth. But I'm not sure whether it is an Engineering Sample or not. This morning, when the computer was downloading at some 700KB/s, the wireless connection just disappeared. Even after I opened the device manager, I saw this wireless adapter was gone, too. But the bluetooth part worked fine with my mouse. Then I rebooted the computer, nothing changed. After about 20mins, I freshed device manager, the wireless adapter came back again, network became normal. My Notebook is ASUS N82JV. This adapter was installed by myself.

Here are two pics of the aida64. When the adapter was gone, PCI-E 2.0 x1 port # 2 showed Unknown.

Problem occured:





wikipedia says this wireless card is part of Intel's 2011 Huron River platform, and it is used in Series 6 chipset. The chipset of my computer is HM55, which comes from Series 5 chipset. Is it this card not compatible with HM55?

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