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Intel wifi 6 ax200 slow speed & disconnecting


Hello, I've had my Pc for a couple of months now, and wifi was never an issue until 3 days ago when I started disconnecting while gaming or just having slow speeds in general. At first I thought it was just my ISP, but every other device in my house is working just fine so that couldn't be it. It's also not a driver issue because I manually upgraded to the latest driver (intel(R) wi-fi 6 ax200 160mhz #2 v22.60.0.6) and the problem still persists. I've also tried other fixes such as uninstalling the driver completely and restarting the pc and using google DNS to which the problem prevails. If anyone has a solution please comment and thank you!

System specs:

intel core i5-9400F 2.90Ghz

16GB ram

windows 10 Home version 20H2 

OS build 19042.1110


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Could be interference with another device ... have you tried changing your wi-fi channel number?

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I changed both 2.4 and 5g bandwith to 20mhz, set wireless channel on 2.4g as 11 then wireless channel on 5g as 165. My pc seems to be performing better after this, but it also temporarily performed better when i restarted my pc and tried other fixes.... so I don't know if this is a permanent solution but we'll see! Thanks for responding.


Update: just as I finished typing this, the speed slowed down again... I'm getting 4.8mb/s upload and 0.11 download. 

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