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Interesting wireless conundrum

Item1: I have tried three different wireless half mini-cards. All show up in Device manager as installed and working properly. When trying to establish a wireless connection, they all come up with 'an unexpected error'. At no point will my computer try to locate a network, nor will it populate the list of available devices or networks. I have tried to force the issue in every option present in my network system (manual, etc). All other wireless devices function, so it is not the router.

I have a Dell 1749 studio laptop (the wireless used to work perfectly) with a new 6300 intel card. There was a complete bios install after an HDD critical failure. New HDD and complete install. After that is when the issues began. I did NOT do a custom install. The old ones (x2) were OEM cards with exactly the same error and issues. Thus I went to an Intel card hoping it was a hardware/card problem. I am baffled as to why DevMgr says all is well, and everything else wireless says there is either a driver problem, or card problem. I have installed all the old, then the newest upgrades for the drivers.

Item2: The new card has three antenna ports, whereas my older cards have just two (labled Black and white per the wire color). Where do the black and white wires go when using a two wire antenna configuration? 1 and 2; 2and 3; 1 and 3?

BTW, it was Dell who told me it was a bad card....they sent me a new one at no cost. It didn't help, and they want me to send them my computer; NOT at no cost.

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Okay, the antenna thing is taken care of. But still nothing but problems with locating a network... Same error messages within my 'network and sharing center'. I am going to try another BIOS install from scratch and see if something was missed after a HDD replacement. Any ideas are more than welcome. Intel?