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Killer AC 1550i crashes for no reason




It is not really a support request, but more of a state report on your software.

I am one of the many users that have a problem with killer wireless systems.

It shuts down (the wireless device as an error sign, and isn't booting anymore), randomly and for no visible reason.

The problem goes away by clean installing BT and Killer drivers, but it comes back in a matter of days, or weeks.


I've seen this problem on MANY forums etc... Since I first noticed mine (Febuary), and NONE of them found a long term solution.


I strongly suggest that you be careful about your suppliers, killer seems to be the worst, and you (Intel in general) seem to not care at all about this issue.


And of course I contacted (in Febuary) both you and MSI's support, both of you told me to clean install latest drivers etc... Until both of you told me to contact each other. Really ?

MSI had a way better job at trying to fix the issue at least.


Anyway, I strongly hope this issue will be considered in the future, or you'll keep loosing clients and trust.


Kind regards.

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Sashell, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

Thank you very much as well for taking the time to share your feedback. For Intel® all the comments and suggestions provided by all our clients are very important. For that reason, I will send your remarks to the proper department for them to be aware of your observations on this matter in order to keep improving the customer's experience while using Intel® products.

Any questions, please let me know.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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