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Microsoft wifi direct virtual adapter missed with Intel Dual band AC 7260


Our product makes use of Intel Dual band AC 7260 wireless card with Windows 8.1 (64bit). I want to develop wifi direct connections with other mobile devices recently. At first, I cannot find microsoft wifi direct virtual adapter under Network Adapters of Device manager. Here are my steps to try to fix this problem

Case: Intel AC 7260 installed

(1) After reinstalled Windows 8.1 with "Keep personal files only", Microsoft wifi direct virtual adapter appeared under Network Adapters, but it was gray with error code 45 "the hardware does not connect to computer".

(2) Shutdown my computer, I replaced with Athros AR938X card. Turn on computer, the second Microsoft Wifi Direct Virtual adapter was gray too.

Case: Atheros AR938x installed

(3) After re-installed Windows 8.1 again with "keep personal files only", Microsoft Wifi direct virtual adapter activated (solid color).

(4) Shutdown computer, and replaced with Intel Dual Band AC 7260 card, the wifi direct virtual adapter worked. However, when computer was restarted, it was gray again. I tried to uninstall Intel 7260 card and scanned hardware, but not worked.

I repeated these steps twice, and had the same results. If wifi direct virtual adapter only decided by Windows 8.1, why Atheros card worked, but Intel AC 7260 not.

Thanks for any advice.


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Hello jiuxiang,

Have you contacted Microsoft? Wi-Fi Direct is enabled by Windows through additional NDIS ports and operation modes. Please check this link for further information.

https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/hh440289%28v=vs.85%29.aspx Wi-Fi Direct Miniport Initialization and Configuration (Windows Drivers) Let us know if this piece of information helped you clarify your doubts.