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My Wifi Dashboard- Can not connect to server

Hey does anyone have any suggestions?

I have downloaded My wifi Dashboard version 15.2.0 with the latest driver for my Centrino N6230 which is the version. I can see the device in the circle and it is highlighted green but my device says it can not connect to the server. My device connects to the network just no internet passes through. Also on my network on my laptop it shows the network has internet access. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)



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Thank you for your post Moe,


When adding devices using Intel My WiFi Technology (Intel® MWT) Utility menu, Intel recommends adding one device at a time.


Below there are the recommended steps to follow:


1.Open the Intel My WiFi Technology Utility menu.


2. Select Profiles to setup your PC wireless security settings. Profiles allow you to customize your PC wireless settings and connected devices. For example you could have a home profile setting to connect to your home devices and a business profile to connect to business devices in the workplace.

3. Select New to create a profile, and provide a name for the profile.


4. Select the Security Tab setting to select one of the following security types (No authentication (open), WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK.

5. Use the Security Password, Passphrase or Key generated for you (dependent on the security type selected), or create your unique Password, Passphrase or Keypassphrase (note: must match character length specified).


6. Select OK, and close window. Return to main Intel My WiFi Technology Utility menu.


7. Add a device using the + sign. You will be provided with the network name (SSID) and Security settings to enter into your devices for your personal wireless network.


8. Once you have the SSID and Security settings of your notebook, go to device that you wish to add.

You may also check the following link for further information:


Intel® My WiFi Dashboard: What is Intel® My WiFi Dashboard?

I hope this helps.

Community Manager

Hello VIctor

Thanks for the reply:)

I don't have "Intel My WiFi Technology Utility menu". I only have the My WIfi Dashboard. Can you please send me the link to where I could downloaded it?