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N6230 with new version

I went ahead and installed the new version directly from Intel, released on 07/20/2012. This is for my new Dell XPS15 laptop which has the Intel Centrino Advanced N6230 wireless adapter. Installation went smoothly and few positive things noticed from initial review.

1) The connect is pretty fast, as soon as the machine boots from a complete shutdown.

2) The signal strength seems to be stronger though I didn't have any problem from previous versions.

3) The internet speed is also faster though I am ok with the speed from previous versions.

4) Connection time after wake up from sleep mode (which I was more concerned about) reduced from 3+ minutes to around 90 sec now. The problem is still there but it is tolerable. I wish it connect faster like the N6250 that I have on my other Dell laptop.

I might post back here again after watching it's performance in the next 2 to 3 days.

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I'm having problems with my new Intel 6230, purchased from Tiger Direct and installed in an ASUS N61J -

The speed shows 130 or 144 Mb/s to a known 300 Mb/s access point. BUT, it keeps closing down every several minutes and then reconnects. Also the Bluetooth has the same problem.

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My adapter and new driver version are doing great. No problems since yesterday evening.

Did you try installing the OEM driver version (from PC manufacturer website) instead of installing the Intel drivers directly?

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I have just removed the installed version and reinstalled this version

I'm using WinXP SP3 on the ASUS notebook N61J.

There are 2 versions on the Intel Download center. and I have used both of these with the same results - auto connecting - disconnecting - reconnecting. And, the speeds are always either 130 or 144 Mb/s, not 300 Mb/.

--Wireless_15.2.0_Dx32.exe 11,767 KB

--Wireless_15.2.0_X32.exe 38,142 KB

There is no support from ASUS; I just wanted a 300MHz Wireless & Intel's always performed well.

The Bluetooth has been equally troublesome with the Nokia 6350, when it connect reports "Only audio files will be transferred" followed by "disconnected" about 20 seconds later.

Maybe this device was designed for Windows 7, which my clients and I will moving to in a few months. Maybe I should have purchased a different model such as the N6235, but I'm not sure there are WinXP drivers.

Thank you.