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Need Assistance Selecting Wireless Hardware


I need to add Wireless Communications on a DELL 9010 to our Corporate Network.

My Dell Laptop uses an Intel(R) Centrin(R) Ultimate-N 6300 AGN

Our network uses WPA2-Enterprise with AES encryption. It has also been shown to be WPA Radius. The 9010 has Windows 7 Pro installed.

What does Intel offer in the way of a wireless card.or USB wireless adapter that I could purchase for this application.

If Intel does not offer a product is there some other source that could provide the necessary hardware/drivers.

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Thank you for sharing your inquiry.

Intel only manufactures internal wireless adapters. I tried to get more information about the system you mentioned but internet sources differ in whether this is a desktop tower or an all-in-one computer. Depending on the system's form factor the answer to your question may be different.

If this is a desktop tower with capacity to accommodate a PCI Express x1 card you may be able to choose between some models:



If this is an AIO system, or in the event that the above products will not fit, we suggest contacting the system manufacturer in order to check for a list of validated wireless adapters for your system.