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No Wifi connection with AX200 with auto connect


Hello again,

the thread before was closed because I didn't got any time to response fast enough with log files.

Link from the thread before:


I keep it short. My problem is that I can't get a working connection when I activate the auto connect function for my wlan. I have no auto login with Windows 10. The connection is build up before I log in with my Windows User but if I want to do something which has to do with the internet nothing happens. No website can be loaded and no connection to steam or any other application. If I disconnect and reconnect it doesn't work and I have to restart my system.

If I deactivate the auto connect for my wlan in Windows and connect manually after login in Windows it always works without any problems. I can reproduce the problem and the solution for my main system which has a AX200 pcie card from a third party manufacturer and with my laptop XMG Core AMD 17 which also has a AX200 chip already build in from Schenker. I also wanted to mention that the problem can be reproduced with several routers (AC & AX) and with several different configurations. At the moment I use the recommended settings from Intel and the latest drivers.

To avoid the usually questions with drivers please see the old thread I mentioned above. The last question was if I can change my wifi router settings from WPA3 to WPA2. I did that but that didn't solve the problem because if I manually connect the connection is stable to the moment I shutdown my main system or the laptop. It is now WPA3 again because it doesn't make trouble.

The other question was to use the Intel Wireless Feedback tool. Please see the logfile I added. Please don't ask me to contact the manufacturer because I already did that and they just say to contact Intel. 

I hope that there is a solution out there.

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Hello Ceroc


Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities.  We are working on this request, the updates will be posted on the thread.



David G 

Intel Customer Support Technician 


After investigating this request and the information from both threads, the best and last recommendation is to get this system checked by the manufacturer as it seems be associated to the OS or a card hardware, not the drivers or configuration. We understand that they declined support previously but now you have the information on this thread as proof that the system needs to be checked.

Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your understanding.  



David G 

Intel Customer Support Technician