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No adapters for proset wifi

I had to reformat my Dell D630 it is running on a 32 bit with XP Pro, I downloaded the drivers including Intel proset wireless wifi, I can see it in the taskbar but when I click on it is has a X on it and says there are no adapters for it, I have searched and even got a driver search utility tool installed but no avail

can anyone help me get the proset working.

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You can try to install only the driver without the intel proset software and allow windows to manage your wifi adapter, it is a good idea to provide the model of the wifi adapter so people can post the exact link for drivers, also you can try to disable the adapter from the device manager, uninstall the driver, enable it and then reinstall the software, also if you replace or upgrade the wifi adapter, that could be a reason why the adapter is not working.

Take a look a the following link:

Unable to find upgrade for Intel® wireless adapter hardware

Usually only with the correct latest driver the wifi adapter should work fine, there could be a problem with windows (corrupted operating system) if the adapter does not work with the latest drivers.

You can try to contact the system manufacturer for further assistance, some times you need to download specific drivers for certain wifi adapters.

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