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The purpose of Intel(R) 82567V Gigabit Connection?

Ever since I started the network troubleshoot on my Toshiba Satellite, it displayed that the Intel(R) 82567V Gigabit Adapter was experiencing hardware or device problems. For everyday of my network problems, I blamed the Gigabit for the reseting of my network connection, until now, and July, 2011. On this day I was researching ways to improve this gigabit connection, so that led me to download the Window 7 Network Adapter Driver because it's the only thing that matched my Gigabit. So I downloaded it but then it said inorder to continue you need to get rid of the previous version to install the newer one. So I uninstalled the Intel(R) 82567V gigabit adapter, and I kept getting a weird message. Later I continued my research which led me to uninstall the Intel(R) Pro from the network adapter panel also. So I re-downloaded the file to fix my problem but then it said that there is no Intel(R) adapter installed in this computer. Now this is where I try to solve the ridde, because I don't remember which Intel(R) Pro I uninstalled, maybe that would help me figure out my problem. To which if the Intel(R) Pro was something important to the Intel(R) 82567V.

So my final say is, if this Intel(R) 82567V is the cause of my insane network loss, because I had every Intel(R) uninstall, which was two things. If it is, what can I do to fix tthis problem of the 82567V?

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Hello Dippyloidi

Note that the Intel(R) 82567V Gigabit Adapter are mostly found embedded on Toshiba* notebooks. The reason why you get "there is no Intel(R) adapter installed in this computer" it's because our retail drivers are to be installed on PCIe, PCI or PCIx cards, which due to system customizations might behave differently than the embedded versions.

We would suggest trying the following instead:

1. Take a look at the exact model of the notebook, and go to the support page of the OEM. They would normally handle the best recommended driver and application specifically for the notebook you have, and it is best for compatibility.

For drivers and downloads, see the link below:

2. Remove any older versions before you install any newer drivers on the system, as it might cause conflict. Restart the system and apply the new driver download on your notebook.

Now, we would suggest contacting Toshiba* if none of these suggestions would help on your scenario.

To contact Toshiba* support, follow the link below: