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PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth - how to manually uninstall?

OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Intel App Ver:

i need to uninstall this Intel Bluetooth drivers/app but it returns error that it can't uninstall until the correct bluetooth adapter is configured!

so how can i manually uninstall this app completely?


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I mistakenly installed the Intel PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth drivers while my laptop has an Atheros Bluetooth chip-set. Trying to uninstall from windows 7 programs and features in the control panel led to some error regarding that my device has to be turned on in order to be uninstalled. Something that is obviously impossible.

The only way I could uninstall it is by using CCleaner . It invokes a different uninstaller that successfully removes the Intel PROSet/Wireless drivers. I don't want to install the drivers again and figure out how CCleaner invokes the proper uninstaller. So the only solution for now is to run CCleaner and go to the tools subsection and the Intel drivers will be listed there for you to uninstall.


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hi my brother

Look if you found the software in Programs and Features deleted, If not delete any program for reltalk or BlueSoleil then back to windows 8 setup and click refresh if not work click back and chose keep personal files only and next when you see Ready to install don't click install click on back and chose Keep windows setting, personal files and applications now click next you will see Ready to install now click install and enjoy.