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Problem with Intel AC 7260 wireless adapter


I am using Intel AC 7260 wireless adapter on a Sony laptop running Windows 7 64bit. The speed and range are very good, I can stream 1080p a few floors away from my router. However, I have an intermittent problem. After using the computer for a while, sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, the computer stops resolving URLs. If I try to go to a new website, I get a message that the server cannot be found. However, websites that I already visited in this session continue to work. Also, If I type the IP address of a server (rather than URL), it connects to it. This happens regardless of which web browser I use (Firefox or IE). When this happens, I need to tell Windows to disconnect from my network, then reconnect. This solves the problem until the next time. So basically, the wireless connection does not drop, but my system stops resolving URLs.

Here is some additional info:

1. The problem occurs with Intel driver 16.6.0 as well as 16.1.5.

2. The problem did not happen before when I used Intel N 6235 on this machine.

3. The problem does not happen when I use Ralink based wireless-N USB adapter on the same machine.

4. My router is Asus RT-AC66U, but I experienced the same problems with Netgear and Apple routers.

5. None of the other clients I use on my network exhibit this problem (laptops, tablets, smartphones).

6. All the firmware and software on the laptop and routers is up to date.

Does anyone else experience similar problem? Anyone has a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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This could be a problem with DNS, but not necessarily though…

Keep in mind that this type of integration may have unwanted results; just like any other device not all wireless adapters are compatible with all available systems, besides the fact that such integration may be against your local regulations (such as FCC or others) since the whole system must be certified including adapter and antennas.

We suggest using the adapter that came preinstalled or contacting your system manufacturer to determine which product is approved for your computer and proper means for the integration.

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-011644.htm Intel� Wi-Fi Products; Regulatory information regarding hardware installation or upgrade


set IP to auto, look up DNS servers in your area (check with your internet provider for regional servers) and manually set the DNS servers IP address(s).

if you are trying to stream movies through multiple floors you are going to run into connectivity issues. does the issue tend to last longer when you are closer to the wireless router, or does the frequency increase the further you are away?

check your internet settings try to configure allocation of cache your system can hold/clear your cache