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Problems with setting up a VPN connection and Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235


Hi there,

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. I'm using a Dell XPS 13 notebook with an Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 builded in. I've reinstalled my notebook last week. I'm running:

  • Windows 8.1 (Up-to-date)
  • ESET Smart Security 7.0.302.26
  • Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software drivers, 16.7.0 (According to the Intel website the latest drivers for the Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 wireless adapter)

Today I was trying so set up a VPN connection with my university. However, it didn't work, Windows showed me error 619:

A connection to the remote computer could not be established so the port for this connection was closed"

I've tried to setup the VPN connection as well by using a wired connection (Using an USB to ethernet adapter) and a wireless connection (Using TP-Link TL-WN821N wireless USB adapter). EDIT: These solutions worked, but using the Microsoft wireless drivers instead of the Intel drivers didn't work, it gave me error 619 again. So I think there's a problem with the Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 wireless adapter or the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software drivers 16.7.0 and VPN connections.

Does anybody have a solution for setting up a VPN connection with the Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 wireless adapter?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Chris, allow us to help you with this issue.

After a quick online search I see this error usually relates to firewall, router, or VPN software issue; while these causes appear to be discarded based on the fact you get to connect with a different adapter I would like to ask: Does this happen when you connect at 2.4 or 5 GHz band?


Hi Joe, thanks for your quick reply!

This happens when i'm connected at the 2.4 GHz band, unfortunately my router does only support the 2.4 GHz band, so I can't test it out when i'm connected at the 5 GHz band.


Please make sure the issue is not caused by any of the above and provide the following:

  • Access point model and firmware:
  • Authentication/Encryption type:
  • VPN software:

I'm sure the issue isn't caused by any of of the above, because I am able to set up the VPN connection on the same notebook using my wireless usb network adapter. I have two accespoints, on both I get error 619 if I try to setup my VPN connection using the Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 network adapter. Here is the information you've requested:

Acces point 1

Type: ZyXel NBG-417N

Firmware version: 1.00(BFM.9)C0 (No update available)

Acces point 2

Type: ICIDU NI-707538 (Actually it is an relabeled Edimax acces point, however I can't remember the exact type number.)

Firmware version: unknown (You can't see the firmware version on the webpage of this acces point) (No update available)


Authentication/Encryption type:

Both acces points use WPA2-AES authentication using a passphrase.


VPN software:

Just the standard VPN connection program built-in in Windows 8.1.