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Question about 6300 connection speed

I have just installed a new 6300 agn card that replaced my 1000 and I also added a 3rd antenna. My router is Netgear WNDR4500 N900 set up for 2.4 and 5 ghz 450 mbps. I have installed the newest utility on my ASUS UL30 laptop and it seems to be working fine except for the connection speed shows only 80 to 160 mbps in the status window. The thing is that when I first connect to the wirless AP a little window on the task bar says connected at 450mbps.

My question is how do I tell hat speed im acually connecting at? Im connecting to the 5 ghz band and the channel is set to auto in wifi settings.

Wmm is enabled and the rest of the settings are set according the the faq settings

So I want to find out if im connecting at the highest possible speed how do I tell?


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Though I haven't installed a wifi utility to tell me by connection speed, I have tried LAN Speed Test v1 with LST Server v1 and I've only been able to achieve speeds between 120Mb - 180 Mb. I'm up-to-date with drivers and my settings are set to the same as yours. Still looking for a solution.

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